Esco Paper Co


Christy and Par Escobar are sisters based in New York City with a passion for watercolor, stationary, and design.

Christy is an actress who has always loved to draw and make fun cards for family and friends. When she was wedding planning in 2014 and couldn’t find exactly what she wanted out of the thousands of wedding invitations online, she decided to make her own - and embossed each. One. By. Hand. Huge mistake there! (But she did get to binge watch the entirety of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the process.) When a few of her friends got married in 2016, she offered to make their invites - but this time was smart enough to have them printed! One thing lead to another and she launched Esco Paper Co in October 2016. She is self-taught in watercolor, painting, and calligraphy and enjoys learning and creating new things every day. Her invites have been featured on, Wedding Chicks, and countless fridges across the United States.

Par (real name Mary… story for another time) joined Esco Paper Co in April 2017. She moved to New York City for to study graphic design at the Shillington School in 2013 and has since worked as a freelance graphic designer, animator, and illustrator. Par’s early work includes the Parvia Press-- a newsletter totally written and designed by Par at age nine-- full of all kinds of hard-hitting reporting which Christy will STILL not let her live down. Par loves projects that engage her passion for social justice, and strives to use her art to spread important messages that can spur social change. A selection of her work can be viewed at

It should be noted that the Esco sisters are two of ten kids and thus have been forced to adopt a creative, vibrant, and whimsical outlook on life that is reflected in all their work.

To follow our journey (or if you just NEED to know why her nickname is Par), stay tuned for our blog which will launch soon!



Zelda is Christy’s cat. She has very discerning taste and is truly the soft furry heart of the company. She loves to physically obstruct Christy’s sketchpad and will inevitably attempt to drink the paint water.